Despite the baking hot weather of a sunny day of July, still 80 thousand people showed up to watch the live-show of one of the most talented rappers on the scene: Marshall Mathers III, aka Slim Shady, aka Eminem.

This event was a huge surprise when it was announced, if you consider that the artist came to Italy just once in early 2000s as guest at Sanremo show, the annual Italian singers’ competition, where he sang only a couple of songs with Elton John. Nobody expected that at the age of 46 he would have done a European tour including a stop in Italy.


The location was a bit under the expectations: instead of choosing the more appropriate San Siro stadium, already busy with Jay-Z and Beyonceé concert in those days, they chose Rho Fiera Milano, known for having held the Expo event some years ago. Not quite comfortable if you think that there were 80 thousand fans all parterre and that the stage was built very low on the ground. Nevertheless, the rapper gave a memorable performance, starting the show with the most recent songs such as Remind me, River, Walk on water, going back through to the less recent Love the way you lie and Not afraid, and finishing the show with the evergreen triplet My name is, The real Slim Shady and Without me and the masterpiece Lose yourself as encore.

For some people Eminem might still be the outrageous and controversial American singer who swears a lot against everything he dislikes, such as politicians, war, other rappers and his family, but there’s a valid reason whether more than half people at his concert were teenagers: he is still rocking it!


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