Choose Life

I was firstly inspired for this video when I watched Trainspotting 2 as soon as it was released at all cinemas here in London. I don’t know how the idea hit my mind as a thunder right after the end of the movie. I guess I found the updated speech very effective (and so is Ewan McGregor when playing it!) makes you think!

Moreover, I wasn’t able to erase the amazing soundtrack of the movie from my mind. I even wrote a review of T2 (that you can read here), but I wanted to do more.

And there you go. I came up with this short video that my friend Harry ( helped me to realise. It wasn’t easy to stop random people all over London asking them to say those sentences looking into a camera! But it was quite fun. I guess my favourite shoot is the one of the little blonde kid saying “choose your future”.

He has the exact spontaneity and innocence I was looking for.

I want to thank each of you for having taken part in it. Without you, the video wouldn’t have been possible. I’m really grateful. Thanks. And thank you, London.


“Choose life
Choose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and hope that someone, somewhere cares
Choose looking up old flames, wishing you’d done it all differently
And choose watching history repeat itself
Choose your future
Choose reality TV, slut shaming, revenge porn
Choose a zero hour contract, a two hour journey to work
And choose the same for your kids, only worse, and smother the pain with an unknown dose of an unknown drug made in somebody’s kitchen
And then… take a deep breath
You’re an addict, so be addicted
Just be addicted to something else
Choose the ones you love
Choose your future
Choose life”


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