Eugene Simon, Ian Beattie, Ian McElhinney and Ian Gelder delighted their fans when they appeared at the MCM London Comic-on held at the ExCel Exhibition Centre


HBO series Game of Thrones is now shooting the seventh season (March 2017) after six seasons of medieval fantasy adventures, political intrigues, sex, battles, violence and a bit of magic and sorcery.


Ian Gelder plays Kevan Lannister



Eugene Simon (Lancel Lannister), Ian Beattie (Ser Meryn Trant), Ian McElhinney (Ser Barristan Selmy) and Ian Gelder (Kevan Lannister) have come and gone from the series, but still wanted to share their experience of acting for a series that has become so popular.





Eugene Simon plays Lancel Lannister


“It was really challenging shooting the final scene, the one in which I had to crawl,”
said Simon, remembering his last episode. “But I was very satisfied about the result. It was worth it.”






All the actors seemed proud about how the story is developing, and declared they would miss the show.


Ian McElhinney plays Ser Barristan Selmy

“I will always serve house Targaryen,” said a smiling Ian McElhinney. “I enjoyed playing in these 25 episodes. What I’ll be missing the most will be wearing the stunningly detailed King’s Guard outfit that, even though it was really heavy, helped my performance so much.”



The actors recalled how some of the dramatic turn of events shocked even their families, as Ian Beattie said when he told a story about his private life.


Ian Beattie plays Ser Meryn Trant


“I was at the airport with my family when I ran into Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner – you know, they’re always together,” he said. “And suddenly my son went to Maisie and screamed ‘You killed my father! You killed my father!’. It was hilarious.”






The actors spent all the three days (28-29-30 October) at the MCM London Comic-on meeting fans, signing autographs, taking pictures and being interviewed. The exhibition is famous for its pop culture shows, including categories such as Movies, Gaming, Comics, Anime, Television, Gadgets, Clothes and Toys.


MCM London Comicon front-stand panel

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